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Seth and May

From January 8th to January 20th, 2011, a motivated group of eight runners will run 240 miles across the Yirgacheffe region of southern Ethiopia with an aim of raising $100,000 to build three schools in a particularly poor, rural region. The birthplace of coffee. We have been invited to come along on the trip as part of a cultural/musical exchange initiative where we will be actively interacting with communities along the journey, sharing music and writing an album on the expedition. When we come back to Michigan, we will produce and distribute the album, which will raise additional awareness and funds. Half of the profits from the album will go to On the Ground for as long as the album is sold. But first we need to raise the money to go to Ethiopia and create the album! Run Across Ethiopia is a project of On the Ground, the non-profit arm of Michigan-based fair trade company Higher Grounds. Higher Grounds imports fair trade goods (mostly organic coffee) from partners globally and locally. On The Ground works directly with those partner communities around the globe helping them gain sustainable access to fresh water, education, and quality healthcare. There is a serious infrastructure behind the Run Across Ethiopia. Good people. Hard work. Quite a strategic game plan. A dedicated, bold, action-oriented group of folks. We are honored and excited to be a part of it! And for you to be a part of it too, if you can! Thanks!


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