Eggtones for Peace

Seth Bernard

"Eggtones for Peace" was harvested from years of writing, performing, community organizing, educating, activism, and fatherhood. A sweeping, vibrant sonic adventure, the album is just as poignant and moving as it is groovy and fun. Each song creates it's own lush world. Bernard's enormous heart and deep spirit shine brightly through dense layers of electronic sounds and organic acoustic performances - the intersection of the natural and the artificial. It's celestial. It's a powerful expression of a life long quest, a companion to life's journey that new fans and old fans alike will revel in. It is art for the times when we need it most.
-Dan Rickabus

Getting to work in the studio with Samuel Seth Bernard ("Eggs") is one of the great joys of my life. He's a visionary, an experimental and genre-less creator boldly opening his heart and mind for the world to see. I'm honored to get to ride shotgun on his interstellar roadtrips for the ears and soul.

Eggtones started to grow quietly, in the background of other albums we'd work on. Stray tracks, experiments that didn't quite fit their projects, lone wolves and brainstorms. Over time, Seth found the unifying threads between the pieces, and we started crafting something cohesive and intentional from it. Writing new songs, re-arranging, exploring, and finding focus. Bringing in the voices of our heroes and our community, both literally and figuratively. Since then, it's grown into multiple-album project of dozens of tunes, plus many variations, demos and alternate versions. Seth's Eggtones are an epic statement of peace, social justice, sustainability, love and loss.

Last night, we finished mixing the first installment, Eggtones For Peace, and announced pre-order for both the album and the entire collection. Please join us. Eggtones for you, eggtones for love, eggtones for us.
-Ian Gorman, La Luna Recording and Sound


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