slo down sammy

from Reconciliation & the Mystical Beyonda
written by Seth Bernard
Slo down, Sammy
I can’t catch you even though I’m trying to
Always on to the next thing, the next song to sing
The next city to break into

Slo down, Sammy
Let me catch up, so much has been going down
My head is spinning around but then on again off again
To the next town

Follow the signs to the sleeping spot
To the dreaming pad
Say goodnight tonight
And then off again to the eternal Yes-Now
As we travel through space-time with Gravity

Slo down, Sammy
After all it’s just life and life only
Grief opens up your energy
Crying opens your pores
Dying is every man’s inheritance
Ancestorhood awaits
So what’s the big hurry?

Slo down, Sammy



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