Eggtones for Peace

from Eggtones for Peace
written by Seth Bernard (feat. Grace Lee Boggs and Michael Beauchamp)
Contains a sample of Grace Lee Boggs
And the sheep at Shady Grove Farm
Seth - guitars, keyboards, vocals
Dan Rickabus - drums, drum machines
Max Lockwood - bass
Bradley Bacon - spoken word
Adam Stubbs - spoken word
Bruce Sonderstrom - spoken word

Eggtones for Peace, peace in our hearts
And in the hearts of the global intelligence community
Working tirelessly for peace
(Know that we love you)

Eggtones for Love
Love in the face of despair
Despair for good old fashioned heartbreak
Mass extinction, economic oppression, injustice and war

Eggtones for Hardship
For hardship so we can dip in and dig deep and not live in the shallows of privilege
For understanding and empathy and guts it takes to reap just what you sow for hardship

Eggtones for the Farmers
Who grow the food and tend the land
For small farmers fighting for food freedom and local autonomy
Growing food for the community: a necessity more necessary than celebrity
Here in this historic 21st Century

Eggtones for you
For you and yours to explore and do chores to
To feed to, to feel to
We sure as hell do have our work cut out for us here

Earthtones for Egg-lovers!
Stealth operatives and double agents at fake concerts put on by triple bottom line cooperatives for small-time cultural enrichment and quality of life under surveillance by homeland security
We’ve got eyes and ears on our colleagues here

Eggtones for the sonar-equipped oceanic and aviary brothers and sisters
For the mycelial network
For Mother Earth’s autoimmune response
It’s the Global Intelligence community
For Eggtones
For currency
For our shared human destiny here
It’s celestial
It’s a piece of me long after I disappear
Into the loving arms
Of the Universal Energy

Eggtones for Peace
For Mother Earth, for Michigan, for the Mystical Mittenland
Already done all one
All done All one
Even if it’s all just a dream
Eggtones for Peace


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