Eggtones for Peace: 2 Yolks

from Eggtones for Peace
written by Seth Bernard (feat. Bruce Sonderstrom, David Agopian and Adam Stubbs)
Contains a sample of Noam Chomsky (used with Mr. Chomsky’s permission)
And the chickens at Shady Grove Farm
Seth - guitars, keyboards, carrot, vocals
Max Lockwood - bass
Dan Rickabus - drums, drum machines

Eggtones for the great lakes basin
For the freshwater home base on planet Earth
Keep up the good work, good people

Eggtones for millennials
For faster than this
For faster than what we can come up with and keep up with
For faster than love
For next level love
No, just for real love

Eggtones for the next level kids
Having fun with the beginning of the new world
In the presence of a global youth culture uprising
It’s happening

Eggtones for compassion and understanding
And the inner strength it takes to not take things personally
Beyond the need to feel understood
Beyond my idea of what should
The way I see it ought to be
For understanding beyond retaliation
For compassion and empathy

Eggtones for midwives
Showing up and making it real
The miracle of birth
The dream of life
It is the truth of who you are right now
It has come to be

Eggtones under scrutiny
To be the best eggtones we can be
“C’mon guys”

Pennin’ for eggtones, it’s a conspiracy, it’s non-commercial, non-dualistic, non-denominational
Ready to try to listen to what needs to be heard
To be the best I : Excellent but not perfect

Mortals for eggtones
We’re back in business
Moving the bread out of the bakery
On the home front
For the loved ones
For the community
Around the warmth of the hearth
Out of the ordinary
In this construct of reality
In this world made manifest

Let us bless this world with love

We’re all one even if it’s already done
All one, alone
Even if it’s all just a dream
Wake me up spirit mother
Even if it’s all just a dream
Even if it’s already done, all done

Eggtones for Peace
For Mother Earth
For Michigan
For the Mystical Mittenland

Eggtones phone home where love lives forever
Right here

(eggtones for community radio, still hanging in there in the outro)


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