Seth Bernard, Grand Rapids Fourth of July

08/14/2016 at 2:54pm EST
from Local Spins

Seth Bernard brought “Eggtones for Peace” to Wealthy Theatre Sunday, wrapping up a vacation week for many. Others reveled in live music in the great outdoors. Browse images in the Local Spins photo galleries.

Poignant, powerful, political, passionate, peace-seeking.

When Seth Bernard and his all-star band delivered the instrumentally and stylistically diverse songs from the Earthwork Music singer-songwriter’s new album, “Eggtones for Peace,” at a Wealthy Theatre CD-release show in Grand Rapids on Sunday night, it was more than just a presentation of new work from the prolific artist.

In many ways, the show – and the songs from “Eggtones,” along with earlier Bernard material – was a tribute to those individuals, organizations and businesses in Michigan and beyond doing the right thing environmentally, racially, agriculturally, economically and humanitarianly. Bernard talked about many of them between songs and encouraged the small audience of about 75 (a turnout likely depleted by the Fourth of July holiday weekend) to learn more about their causes.

As he put it in the midst of one song, “There’s an awful lot of suffering, oppression and injustice out there,” and it’s up to us to find ways to alleviate that.

Of course, the concert – with opener Breathe Owl Breathe, performing as a duo – also gave fans a live showcase of the genre-meshing “Eggtones for Peace,” with the guitarist-singer accompanied by drummer (and album co-producer) Dan Rickabus, keyboard players Tyler Duncan and Levi Taylor, bassist Max Lockwood and percussionist Julian Allen.

It made for an uplifting evening all around.

Check out the images by photographer Anthony Norkus here.

Photo by Anthony Norkus

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