LIVE AUDIO - Wealthy Theatre - July 3, 2016

08/14/2016 at 2:59pm EST

Seth Bernard
Eggtones For Peace CD Release
Wealthy Theatre
Grand Rapids, Michigan
July 3, 2016

matrix...sbd + Peluso cemc6/ck41 -> Tascam DR-70D
Audacity (fades,levels,eq,matrix,16/44) -> CD Wave -> flac

taped by Will P.

01 Rumi
02 Eggtones For Peace
03 How Practical Is Your Style
04 Wave Your Hands In The Air
05 Where The Days Went
06 Be Love
07 band intros
08 Bluetooth Pillow
09 Fire Pig
10 Sassafras
11 Windowin'
12 Moon Mirror
13 Dinosaur>Common Sense>Hendrix tease>Rockin In The Free World>Dinosaur
14 Turkeys In the Rain*

*with Breathe Owl Breathe

Seth Bernard
Levi Taylor
Dan Rickabus
Max Lockwood
Julian Allen
Tyler Duncan


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