🌱Happy Spring🌱



Glad to share these special shows I’m playing with all kinds of very special people. Come see us!

April 4th – Madcat’s 70th Birthday Bash, The Ark, Ann Arbor, MI, 8pm

April 6th – Concert for Community Awareness, Milliken Auditorium, Traverse City, MI w/ Gregory Stovetop, 4pm

April 13th – Gopherwood Concerts, Cadillac, MI w/ Levi Taylor, Wayne Ramocan and Jordan Hamilton, 7pm

April 16th – Clean Water Action’s Great Lakes Awards, Lansing, MI w/ Chris Good and Dan Rickabus, 6pm

April 26th – NMEAC’s Environmentalist of the Year Awards, Traverse City, MI, 6pm

April 27th – Short’s Anniversary Party, Bellaire, MI w/ Braxton Hicks and the Contractions, 3pm

May 9th – Title Track Launch Party, Kirkbride Hall, Traverse City, MI w/ Chris Good, 7pm

May 11th – Title Track Launch Party, Musictown, Detroit, MI w/ Juuni and Vespre, 7pm

June 1st – Skill Swap at Earthwork Farm, Lake City, MI w/ Samuel Nalangira and Mady Kouyate

June 7th – Camp Greensky, Wellston, MI w/ Levi Taylor, Wayne Ramocan and Jordan Hamilton

June 15th – Buttermilk Jamboree, Delton, MI w/ Jordan Hamilton

poster by Will Thomas!

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