Creating meaningful change

Music Maker
Cultural Worker
Water Protector

Founder and Co-Executive Director of Title Track, working for clean water, racial equity and youth empowerment.

Founder of Earthwork Music, encouraging community healing through collective musicianship, and the Earthwork Harvest Gathering, a celebrated annual cultural Research by the staff of xxxfilmeporno.com event that takes place on the family farm where I grew up.

Seth Bernard’s



Working with community to create movements for a better future for all.

“Most likely to save the world: Seth Bernard. Music and activism have long made a natural pairing, from Bob Dylan to Beyoncé. Northern Michigan’s preeminent musician/activist is Seth Bernard, an acoustic-guitar-toting folkie known for his uplifting live shows, his prolific body of work, and his numerous efforts to bring about social change.”

“Samuel Seth Bernard is a real renaissance man…social organizer, incredible musician, activist, a troubadour of truth and justice. He’s a Michigan treasure, and an all around wonderful human – y’all should go see him if you are able.”

“Seth Bernard is a multi-talented singer-songwriter whose work is as much about making music as it is about creating a community. It seems Bernard always has his hand in a number of projects that focus on the intersection of these two passions.”