Don’t Lose Track

Greetings friends!   ELECTION 2020 This past week, as election season has intensified, I had the honor of interviewing two fellow Michiganders that I respect a great deal, Climate Change expert Peter Sinclair, and US Senator Gary Peters. Climate Change and the 220 Election with Peter Sinclair Seth Bernard in Conversation with Senator Gary Peters […]

Let Love Light the Way featured on Local Spins!

Digging Deeper: Gentle and sparse, Bernard does a lot with a little on “Let Love Light the Way.” He employs mostly acoustic guitar with a few drum machines and subtle melodic layers. The song structures, writing style and instrumentals are all spot-on. If any critique could be made, it’s only that on a few of […]

Let Love Light the Way featured in the Northern Express!

Thank you Northern Express!! Honored to have my new record included and featured on the cover of this year’s local music issue! “Wake up, keep waking up/The sunrise won’t be denied.” Those words are the foundation to “Keep Waking Up,” the optimistic opener from northern Michigan singer-songwriter Seth Bernard’s new album, Let Love Light the […]