Seth’s Kickstarter Ends on April 30th at 10 pm!

EGGTONES 4 DIRECTIONS KICKSTARTER I’m back in La Luna Studios in Kalamazoo this month working on the final record in the Eggtones series, “Eggtones 4 Directions!” I launched my Kickstarter to bring it all home on my birthday (April Fool’s Day)! My dear friend Steve Leaf helped me make the video, Mark Lavengood is helping […]

Eggtones for Fun Release

                            From an interview with Jeff Milo of the Detroit Free Press. Lake City singer-songwriter Seth Bernard is very in tune. But beyond his music, Bernard is very much in tune with humanity, in tune with nature, in tune with social justice. […]

Resilience and Creative Empowerment at TEDxTraverseCity

Resilience and Creative Empowerment Seth Bernard | TEDxTraverseCity   “Forgetful of the magnificent gift of this, we have lost and killed by desperately seeking that which never was,” says Seth Bernard. His music and discussion brings us back: “being this being” – what you are is right here. He encourages listeners to deal with possibilities […]

LIVE AUDIO – Hoxeyville 2015

LISTEN NOW! Seth Bernard & Friends Hoxeyville Music Festival Wellston, Michigan August 14, 2015 4 mic matrix…Peluso cemc6/ck4 + Line Audio CM3-> Tascam DR-70d @ 24/48 flacs tagged with Foobar 2000 01 intro 02 Reconciliation -> 03 Fire Pig 04 The American Earth 05 Bluetooth Pillow 06 Options -> 07 Outrider -> 08 Travel 09 […]