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From an interview with Jeff Milo of the Detroit Free Press.

Lake City singer-songwriter Seth Bernard is very in tune. But beyond his music, Bernard is very much in tune with humanity, in tune with nature, in tune with social justice. He’s also in tune with having fun.

His newest album, “Eggtones For Fun,” is a sprightly composite of folk-pop and Americana, with minstrel waltzes, gypsy jazz and ragtime. The northern Michigan artist will be performing some of those songs at metro Detroit gigs this Friday and Saturday. The album is a sunnier contrast to last year’s “Eggtones Blues,” a comparatively austere and atmospheric collection of electronica and folk, with Bernard’s dulcet tones threading sweet melodies that deliver urgent calls for peace, as well as urgent calls to action.

Bernard is one of the most prominent and hard-working voices in the Michigan folk music community, while serving as an activist for social justice issues like fresh water rights and community empowerment. When Bernard is not on a stage singing songs, he is working with a multitude of community organizers, nonprofits and other artists all over the state to educate and inspire. Hundreds of musicians and thousands of music fans and activists gather each autumn at his home, Earthwork Farm, for a festival Bernard calls the Harvest Gathering. He releases his music on his own label, naturally called Earthwork Music.

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