Let Love Light the Way featured in the Northern Express!

Thank you Northern Express!! Honored to have my new record included and featured on the cover of this year’s local music issue!

“Wake up, keep waking up/The sunrise won’t be denied.” Those words are the foundation to “Keep Waking Up,” the optimistic opener from northern Michigan singer-songwriter Seth Bernard’s new album, Let Love Light the Way. It’s a comforting message in a year where getting out of bed has meant re-entering a world that seems to be stuck in a constant cloud of upheaval and crisis. Then again, Bernard — an activist who has spent years using music as a tool for education, social justice, and transformational societal change — has a tendency to see the best in things that others might look upon javjunkies more grimly. Let Love Light the Way exudes the warmth and uplift of unshakable optimism, even amidst its quiet, gingerly melodic acoustic folk songs. It’s music made for rainy days and troubled times, and since we seem to be dealing with plenty of both in 2020, it might be just the record you need most right now.” -Craig Manning

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