Gandhi Gahti

I know a boy who may very well be
The greatest poet his generation may ever see
But his parents have lived responsibly
By god, so will he
He’s got stock in Starbucks

And I wrote my finest song today
But the melody drifted away
I had important things to do in town today
I hit a butterfly on the way

Dylan’s got no time to write or sing
And Einstein got kicked out of his building
Because of that violin

Not far from here there is a girl
Who could take the stage and change the world
But the agency said she’s just not marketable as a sex symbol
And her last name is really hard to pronounce

Joni’s got no time to paint or sing
And Gandhi got evicted from his building
‘Cause he was just too damn friendly
They didn’t know what he was up to

My life is on a contract
The future’s on a lease
And just how profitable are poetry and peace?

From the album