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Ecotone is a region of transition between two biological communities. Use these songs for your next campaign, use them for scene transitions, use them to help amplify work done to protect the Earth as sacred.


Fall 2016, we’re on the farm. Single dads. Trump versus Clinton. Standing Rock. Line 5. Decision is made: time to crank. Elaborate set-up. Get out from low ceiling. Kick it at the campfire. Decompress. Mixed with some acoustic.
Next day. Record on cassette. 4-track with drum machine.

Alluvion is the wash or flow of water against the shore, and it’s also the first release from Ecotone.

Light-hearted impressions, hopeful musings and motifs. Sample-able and re-mixable, this is the continued development of musical dialogue—a snapshot in time and a window to the heart.

Line 5 Resolution

Fall 2018, fast forward couple years. House on the Hill. Full moon. Different circumstances. Similar problems. Mid-term elections. Line 5. Environmental justice. Neahtawanta Inn passed to Title Track. Trash incinerator song for Detroit. Regional poet Jack Slaggert around. Named a couple tunes. He’s good for that.

Line 5 Resolution is the 2nd release from Ecotone. Aural brushstrokes and landscape impressions. Terrestrial musings and motifs, traverse of land and transitive waters.

“This music not only swings, rocks, and grooves–it matters. It’s the voice of a real community, with a sound and a message the world needs to hear.”

“I know that the future of music is in good hands with people like Seth around to be its caretaker. More importantly, I know the future of our world is in good hands.”

“The argument for the most influential human in the Michigan music uprising of the past decade may begin and end with one Seth Bernard.”

“Paradigm-shifting and culture healing music as resourcing for next-level human stewards of planet earth.”

Elizabeth Wolff
Cultural Healing Facilitator

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