A creative series released in a two-year span featuring four albums, videos, zine, home recordings cassette, songbook, and more.

“Eggtones” is about healing, magic, and hatching a new story for our times. Taking this moment and the challenges that we’re up against and trying to vision and dream big for a way forward for the young people in our lives. I am grateful to have had people in my life who have challenged me to use my platform as an artist to affect social change and address what we’re up against in a way that could potentially fuel people to do more positive work for the common good. I’m working with the inspiration of some early American roots sounds that have been with me for years as well as early Rock and Roll and early 8-bit sounds from my childhood. My hope is that this work will inspire your work and that the inventiveness and possibilities within these sounds could potentially help you to use your imagination to help your passion come alive and help your community thrive.