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Seth Bernard releases 12th studio album, prepares for summer tour

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Northern Michigan singer-songwriter Seth Bernard has recently released his 12th full-length studio album title “My Heart is My Home.”

The album, released in June, revolves around themes of healing and change; themes most people have been familiar with over the last year’s COVID-19 pandemic.

“It speaks to dealing with the reality of change and living through a time of great changes. With that comes a feeling of not knowing what’s going to happen next,” said Bernard.

“I think this album and the songs come at a time where a lot of us have feelings of not knowing what is going to happen next and that the very ground underneath us seems to be shifting. Social norms are changing, deep seeded fears and injustices have been brought to the surface and we have to be resilient.”

Bernard, an activist at heart, seemingly pours his heart and passions into his tunes carrying those themes forwards with lyrics like “…love yourself before you love someone else” and “…we must stand for life on earth against the forces of greed and hate.”

“Paradigm-shifting and culture healing music as resourcing for next-level human stewards of planet earth.”

Elizabeth Wolff
Cultural Healing Facilitator

“The argument for the most influential human in the Michigan music uprising of the past decade may begin and end with one Seth Bernard.”

“I know that the future of music is in good hands with people like Seth around to be its caretaker. More importantly, I know the future of our world is in good hands.”

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