Seth’s Kickstarter Ends on April 30th at 10 pm!


I’m back in La Luna Studios in Kalamazoo this month working on the final record in the Eggtones series, “Eggtones 4 Directions!” I launched my Kickstarter to bring it all home on my birthday (April Fool’s Day)! My dear friend Steve Leaf helped me make the video, Mark Lavengood is helping run the campaign, I’ve got some really cool rewards [including VInyl, CD Bundles, All Access Harvest Passes, Earthwork Retreats, Songwriting Workshops, House Concerts, and more…] and I’m very happy with how it all turned out!

Check out the project at



…in other news,


I’ve been involved in work to protect the water and the universal human right to clean safe water for my whole adult life and for the past year I have been building a statewide network of collaborators to form the Clean Water Campaign for Michigan. Recognizing that unacceptable failures of leadership have put our social-ecological systems in peril, and recognizing the power of music and storytelling to build movements, we are working to inform and empower candidates and voters and help place clean water issues front and center in this most important election year. It’s an all hands on deck moment and we are grateful to be playing a part in this powerful movement for justice and sustainability. Please take a moment to check out our videos and web platform and sign the Clean Water Campaign mailing list for updates!


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