Balm for the soul

Catfish Computer

“That’ll be one dollar”
“I’ll give you ten cents”
“How about 50 cents?”

Watching animals in cages at the zoo
On a TV in a hotel room
The forgiveness of the trees
And the collard greens
Just a memory

Hoo hoo hoo ooh oohoo
It’s a swamp skyscraper
(It’s a swamp skyscraper, yeah)

Watching angels and mongrels rattle the cage
To the big open wound we share
Watching souls pass
Watching souls pass, so many souls pass

Hoo hoo hoo ooh oohoo
It’s a catfish computer
It’s a catfish computer yeah

“It’s an interesting day in America… Welcome.
It’s come to our attention that our societal construction needs immediate remediation.
Catastrophic conditions are the inheritance of this generation, and we know it.
How we respond will determine the course of the future.”

Watching angels in cages on the freeway
In a metro fortress
The forgiveness of the trees
And the collard greens
Virtual reality
Virtual reality

Hoo hoo hoo ooh oohoo
We’re the Love Corporation

From the album

“Paradigm-shifting and culture healing music as resourcing for next-level human stewards of planet earth.”

Elizabeth Wolff
Cultural Healing Facilitator

“I know that the future of music is in good hands with people like Seth around to be its caretaker. More importantly, I know the future of our world is in good hands.”

“The argument for the most influential human in the Michigan music uprising of the past decade may begin and end with one Seth Bernard.”

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