Balm for the soul

Go Within

The terrain is severe
That should be clear
But where do we go from here?
It’s still up in the air

There’s no way of knowing
But many, many ways of going
From here to there
Showing your Love

The conditions are treacherous
That’s for sure
We’ll have to get behind something, something
To feel secure

It’s hard to tell (hard to tell)
But then again
We can tell it like it’s changing
Go within

From the album

“The argument for the most influential human in the Michigan music uprising of the past decade may begin and end with one Seth Bernard.”

“Paradigm-shifting and culture healing music as resourcing for next-level human stewards of planet earth.”

Elizabeth Wolff
Cultural Healing Facilitator

“I know that the future of music is in good hands with people like Seth around to be its caretaker. More importantly, I know the future of our world is in good hands.”

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