Summer Work☀️

Hi, I’m Seth and this is my poster for my Summer shows. It was made by my friend Will Thomas, who just became a Dad (congrats Will and Mollie and welcome to the world, Reid!). He drew the portrait by hand and listed all the shows I’ve got confirmed this summer. Last summer I played all over the country. This summer I’m playing all over my home state of MICHIGAN. I’ll also be doing some rad programs with Title Track – but this post is all about where I’ll be sharing my songs. And I’ll be jamming with some very dear friends who can really play. I’m jazzed to rock out for you folks. I’m grateful to be alive in this ancient holy land once again made fresh by the changing seasons and I hope that my work helps you do your work. And I hope that we can continue to come together to celebrate and help protect the land and the water and the people, especially those most vulnerable. This message was co-written by my daughter IBB and goes out to everyone w/ love. See you down the road.

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