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“I know that the future of music is in good hands with people like Seth around to be its caretaker. More importantly, I know the future of our world is in good hands.”

“The argument for the most influential human in the Michigan music uprising of the past decade may begin and end with one Seth Bernard.”

“Paradigm-shifting and culture healing music as resourcing for next-level human stewards of planet earth.”

Elizabeth Wolff
Cultural Healing Facilitator

“Samuel Seth Bernard is making some of the most important music of our times. He is a hero and a friend and he never gives up on you. On me. On himself. On us.”

“Not sure I’ve met a more genuine, more likable or more committed person than Samuel Seth Bernard in my years of covering music. Not only that but the guy’s heart—and environmental stewardship—are in the right place.”

“To date, this is one of Seth’s most solid offerings… once you hear ‘The Past is a Mother’ or ‘Behind the Curtain’, I’m certain you’ll agree. Seth’s songwriting and playing has been sharpened to an absolute master-level. Listening to him communicate ‘what’s going on’ using a song as his vessel is equal parts entertaining, informative, and awakening.”

“Seth Bernard is one of the most important people around today. His music is creative and kind and he rocks it out Neil Young style. His voice is filled with wisdom and questions, with knowledge and wondering. He has always shown me how to navigate this land with happiness and understanding by asking and sharing. True when you are in his position of being accomplished in so many ways and being a leader you have to be a bigger man, but Seth understands that every moment counts. You are here. What is your place in life? Seth Bernard asks this of himself and others -not with his voice but by example. Few people want that responsibility but he lives it.”

Kevin Hamman
Singer, songwriter

“Seth is ridiculously talented and equally driven to make the work a better place. He uses music and thoughtful discourse to invite the world to engage! Layered throughout his original music and sick guitar licks are messages that go hand in hand with his inspiring social and environmental activism. All the way from the high five state of Michigan comes a true friend to the earth and your ears.”

“Seth Bernard is a Michigan staple, an imaginative songwriter, and a dear old friend of the Greensky Bluegrass family. He has a fearless approach to music and never backs down to speaking his mind and doing what is right to get more than his own message across to the ears and hearts of any and all listeners.”

Dave Bruzza

“There are talented musicians and there are widely respected activists. And then there’s Samuel Seth Bernard, who has spanned both of those roles brilliantly and does so again with a new statewide venture that aims to make a difference when it comes to Michigan’s environment and racial equity.”

“Seth Bernard was on Main Stage performing his latest rendition of what I call his musical ministry. Holy empowered man that he is, a game changer for sure. I love this guy and have had the privilege of watching grow up and blossom into one of the most amazing spirits to ever set foot on this Mystical Mittenland we all share.”

“Eggtones for Peace was harvested from years of writing, performing, community organizing, educating, activism, and fatherhood. A sweeping, vibrant sonic adventure, the album is just as poignant and moving as it is groovy and fun. Each song creates it’s own lush world. Bernard’s enormous heart and deep spirit shine brightly through dense layers of electronic sounds and organic acoustic performances—the intersection of the natural and the artificial. It’s celestial. It’s a powerful expression of a life long quest, a companion to life’s journey that new fans and old fans alike will revel in. It is art for the times when we need it most.”

“Seth Bernard contains multitudes. Before most of us fall out of bed, he has practiced guitar, corresponded with fellow activists, hatched five plans for the betterment of Michigan and America, and played with his daughter. He is also a vocal advocate and organizer for the Clean Water Campaign for Michigan, as well as the new NPO Title Track, whose mission is engaging creative practice to build resilient social-ecological systems that support clean water, racial equity, and youth empowerment. He founded the Earthwork Harvest Gathering, now in its 19th year, on the family farm. The Earthwork Music Collective was launched in 2001 with the release of Seth’s first album, Hello Fellow Travelers. Seth’s restless creative muse has led into numerous side projects, including Airborne or Aquatic?, Public Access, the Starlight Six, and Harvest Queen. Musically, Neil Young is meeting Woody Guthrie at the crossroads in downtown Detroit these days. Come and listen.”

“If you haven’t heard him, by all means gonto a show. Seth is an emissary & mover of the Michigan music scene for many years. He is a generative & creative songwriter of compelling, thoughtful & serious musings. And more than that Seth is a charismatic force empowering communities and launching social movements such as the Clean Water Campaign for Michigan and Title Track.”

“If I had to break it all the way down I would say that Seth’s music sounds like the world I would like to live in. It packs a monumental emotional punch through it’s innate nostalgia, but it consistently forces you out of that comfort zone of soft blankets and warm cups of soup and compels you to get up and tie your boots on to go out in the cold and forge against the odds another day that someday will be worth nostalgia. When the day is done you wonder where you found the strength. But you’ll do it again, because the music drags you out.”

Tony Roth

“Seth Bernard was born and raised on the Earthwork farm in Lake City, and he was never farther than a stone’s throw away from learning how to steward the earth and his own talents. A renaissance man who uses his musical talent to promote the preservation of natural resources through several non-profits including his own, Title Track. He uses music to create community through initiating things like The Earthwork Music Collective and The Earthwork Harvest Gathering.”

“Most likely to save the world: Seth Bernard. Music and activism have long made a natural pairing, from Bob Dylan to Beyoncé. Northern Michigan’s preeminent musician/activist is Seth Bernard, an acoustic-guitar-toting folkie known for his uplifting live shows, his prolific body of work, and his numerous efforts to bring about social change. He is the founder of Earthwork Music, a collective of independent musicians ‘who focus their efforts on environmental advocacy, social justice, creative empowerment, and community building.’ The name of the group comes from Earthwork Farm, the 181-acre working farm in Lake City where Bernard grew up and which shaped his worldview. He’s also founded the Clean Water Campaign for Michigan, which seeks to spread the word about Michigan water issues through ‘storytelling and music’; and Title Track, a nonprofit organization aimed at building ‘resilient social-ecological systems that support clean water, racial equity, and youth empowerment.’ Amid Bernard’s busy schedule, he’s somehow found time to release four albums since 2016 (all part of his Eggtones series) and tour almost constantly.”

Northern Express

“Don’t miss this show. If you’re not familiar with Seth, you should know that, plain and simply put, he fights for what is right. He pushes himself outside of his, and everyone’s comfort zone, to fight corruption, inequality, and corporate greed, especially when it affects our environment. If you don’t agree with him, he will respect you, but good luck trying to debate him. I’m proud to know Samuel Seth Bernard, and I’m thankful for his spirit, and energy. Oh yeah, he’s a lovely folk singer/songwriter and a kick-ass rock and roll shredder, too.”

Brek Rosengren

“Seth Bernard almost doesn’t need an introduction… If you’ve been paying attention to the Michigan music scene the past decade, you’ve seen him everywhere. He’s the not only a fantastic artist, facilitator for collaboration, and mentor, but also plays a impactful role as an activist for the arts and culture in our state. Seth is the man behind Earthwork Music and a newer project Title Track, statewide nonprofit organization, that strives to ‘build resilient social-ecological systems that support clean water, racial equity and youth empowerment.’ You’ll also recognize him as power behind Earthwork Harvest Gathering, one of Michigan’s fastest growing music festivals. How does he do it all?”

“Samuel Seth Bernard is a real renaissance man…social organizer, incredible musician, activist, a troubadour of truth and justice. He’s a Michigan treasure, and an all around wonderful human—y’all should go see him if you are able.”

Dan Lauterbur
Free-Range Archaeologist

“Seth Bernard is a multi-talented singer-songwriter whose work is as much about making music as it is about creating a community. It seems Bernard always has his hand in a number of projects that focus on the intersection of these two passions, not the least of which include being the founder of Michigan’s Earthwork Music Collective and the annual Earthwork Harvest Gathering.”

“I met Seth at exactly the right moment in time. Through the beloved organization Community Records (Jesse Thomas Morgan + Akili Jackson) I was asked to teach at a School of Rock Summer Camp along with a large part of what I came to know and love about the Michigan Music scene organized by Seth and the TC non-profit SEEDS. When I met Seth we had both had just suffered some heavy losses of people we loved and there was a kinship formed through resiliency. ‘Beyond the Beyonda’ is heavy with that grief and uncertainty and clouded in the mystery of loss …an acknowledgement of what we can’t know when someone we love joins our ancestors. Samuel also recently won 100 bucks off me on a fitness challenge that he crushed. I play basketball pretty seriously 3-4 times a week but I was no match for Seth’s ability to sustain himself on Cayenne, Lemon Juice, Sour Cherry Juice and Big Salads…. here’s to more and more daily water intake in 2020 my guy.”

“Eggtones for Fun is a sprightly composite of folk-pop and Americana, with minstrel waltzes, gypsy jazz, and ragtime. The album is a sunnier contrast to last year’s “Eggtones Blues,” a comparatively austere and atmospheric collection of electronica and folk, with Bernard’s dulcet tones threading sweet melodies that deliver urgent calls for peace, as well as urgent calls to action.”

“Eggtones 4 Directions is the musical and conceptual culmination of the “Eggtones” series and it is filled to the brim with beauty, vulnerability, heart and soul. It represents the full spectrum of Bernard’s world as a recording artist, producer, multi-instrumentalist, and songwriter. The poetry, the hooks, the production and the conversation between collaborators come together to create Seth’s most mature and brilliant album so far. There’s never been anything like it and at the same time it feels classic and familiar, more rewarding with each listen. Get into it.”

Dan Lauterbur
Free Range Archaeologist

“Eggtones for Peace” was harvested from years of writing, performing, community organizing, educating, activism, and fatherhood. A sweeping, vibrant sonic adventure, the album is just as poignant and moving as it is groovy and fun. Each song creates it’s own lush world. Bernard’s enormous heart and deep spirit shine brightly through dense layers of electronic sounds and organic acoustic performances – the intersection of the natural and the artificial. It’s celestial. It’s a powerful expression of a life long quest, a companion to life’s journey that new fans and old fans alike will revel in. It is art for the times when we need it most.”

“Getting to work in the studio with Samuel Seth Bernard (“Eggs”) is one of the great joys of my life. He’s a visionary, an experimental and genre-less creator boldly opening his heart and mind for the world to see. I’m honored to get to ride shotgun on his interstellar roadtrips for the ears and soul.

Eggtones started to grow quietly, in the background of other albums we’d work on. Stray tracks, experiments that didn’t quite fit their projects, lone wolves and brainstorms. Over time, Seth found the unifying threads between the pieces, and we started crafting something cohesive and intentional from it. Writing new songs, re-arranging, exploring, and finding focus. Bringing in the voices of our heroes and our community, both literally and figuratively. Since then, it’s grown into multiple-album project of dozens of tunes, plus many variations, demos and alternate versions. Seth’s Eggtones are an epic statement of peace, social justice, sustainability, love and loss.

Last night, we finished mixing the first installment, Eggtones For Peace, and announced pre-order for both the album and the entire collection. Please join us. Eggtones for you, eggtones for love, eggtones for us.”

“With the release of “Reconciliation and Beyond the Beyonda”, Seth gives us new life. The album is timelessness through the passing of an hourglass, with each grain and ounce of energy in these tracks breathing volumes of hope in abundance through the soil of our community. Dig in and breathe deep folks, these tracks are sure to bring out the best in you!”

Mark Lavengood
Michigan musician

“If you had to apply a genre to Seth Bernard’s second album, Constellation, it would probably be neo-psychedelic jug band folk-rock, though somehow that doesn’t quite cover all the bases. Bernard’s forté is whimsical philosophic musings set to a variety of aural backgrounds, from the shards of backwards electric guitar on “Gandhi Gahti” and the old-time jazz of “Sari Brown,” to the hippie-fied funk of “Blue Eyed Stranger”.” For all the eclecticism, Constellation has a surprisingly unified vibe, with Bernard’s laid-back posey and rootsy grooves not so much dominating the proceedings as cheerfully ingratiating themselves throughout, and the musicians who accompany him bring some very impressive chops to the table without taking the focus away from the leader. From a lyrical standpoint, Bernard’s aggressively good-natured hippie stance will either speak to you or it won’t, but the music on Constellation is crafted with enough skill and diversity that the album will go over with most listeners even if they’re not hip to what he has to say.”

Mark Deming

“Remarkably, the album was created, recorded and released in the midst of the current coronavirus pandemic while Bernard also juggled a re-launch of the Earthwork Music collective he founded decades ago and his role as co-executive director of the statewide Title Track organization that promotes racial equity and environmental protection.”

“Seth Bernard’s work for racial, economic and environmental justice has long inspired me. He also happens to be an absurdly talented singer, musician, and songwriter. Let Love Light The Way is a stirring clarion call, and in this moment of collective tumult, these songs are precisely the music and words our world needs. Each track brims with both heartbreak and hopefulness, extending empathy and loving kindness, yet bold with clear-eyed purpose. As Bob Dylan says, the times they are a-changin’—and in these changing times, Seth Bernard has provided us with a set of glorious new anthems.”

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